Company Profile

The headquarter of T&L chemical is located in Shanghai and manufacturing base in Yingkou of China. T&L chemical focuses on developing environment friendly product. On the basis of development for superior quality products, T&L provides professional services to customers by the intensive sales network national wide. 

Company Culture

Customer focused,success build on innovation

  • It’s our happiness to find solution for you!
  • Delivering more effective service to our customers
  • Maintain professional conduct code
  • Ownership spirit of dedication and hard working
  • Leading position for sales and marketing, ever-increasing for the profit and value which bring the prosperous living for all employees



We commit to the continuous development and introducing new products, which is conductive to social, help stabilize the market and our business. 



Our Product

Industrial Oil

The development of society is closely linked to the Industrial oil.

Metal Working Fluid

T&L metal working fluid can be divided into neat cutting oil, emulsion type cutting fluid and industrial cleaner. Our production comply with health law, environmental and safety regulations.

Aluminum Rolling Oil

T&L aluminum rolling lubricant products mainly include hot rolling coolant, processing oil and various additives.

Enviromental Products

We have been persistant in our persuit of products that are benificial to both the market and society.

Technical Service System of T&L

T&L as the professional lubricants service provider and supplier, not only offering the dedicated and premium products to the customers but also the best oil management service provided by applying the most advanced product and brand new lubricant management concept: TSST: T—Technology : Technical S—Service: Service S—System: System T--T&L: T&L Definition by TSST: Completed process management related with the lubricants during the production in a enterprise Target of TSST: Reduce the total production cost with the reasonable and statistical management



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